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HTML Books
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I belong to a group email list on AOL for users of the graphics program Paint Shop Pro. Some members teach classes about using the program. For a while, I was one of them. When members found out I knew a little HTML code, I was asked to teach some classes on that. This site is the result. As we complete each new lesson, another is added. There is one new tutorial each week, more or less. Classes are usually cancelled if there is a holiday or special occasion.

The lessons are designed to teach a group of about 10 in an hour. Some classes go longer, some shorter. The material for each class is, often, based on the questions from the previous class.

The lessons are meant to be simple with little explanation of WHY one writes code a particular way. For the purposes of this class, it was assumed that the student didn't really care why, but was only interested in HOW.

You are welcome to take the class online by reading the various lessons. Please do not reprint the lessons in any media or format. You may send a link to this site to anyone you wish. If you want more information, you can purchase books from the Barnes and Noble links provided. If you buy any of the books, I receive an extremely small percentage of the cost of the book. I just figure, since Barnes and Noble is willing to pay me a paltry sum, and since I have read and used each of these books and found them useful, I might as well take the cash, if you are so inclined as to purchase one of them. I assure you, I own and have read each of the titles I recommend.
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