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AmeriYank's AmeriWear

Visit AmeriYank's Graphics Farm

Want to make t-shirts, mugs and mousepads from your Paint Shop Pro images?

JOIN CAFE PRESS!!! Cafe Press is one of the most, in my humble opinion, innovative ideas on the internet. You create your own images--it can be a photograph or graphic image. You upload the image to Cafe Press and they make the item for you. They take the order from the customer and ship it, too. All you do is follow the directions at their site to create the items, tell them how much to charge for it, and link your Cafe Press page to your web site. You can even link your Cafe Press page in email. What could be easier?

Join PAYPAL and send and receive money through your email address.

While PayPal will not pay you to use their service, it sure makes life easier online. Want to send your son some cash for school? Want to buy a product through a PayPal merchant? You can pay for it using PayPal instead of using your credit card. You send money electronically to your PayPal account, then you use it to buy things from secure PayPal merchants, or to send money to your friends, family, co-workers, whoever.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!




AmeriYank's AmeriWear
An online mini-mall of original designs in clothing and gifts. International Flags included.

Mary, Madonna and Blessed Virgin Mother and Jesus
Designs for Tsunami Relief.

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free



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