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This is Lesson Five Part 2 of "AmeriYank's HTML Tutorial".


Here you will learn how to create folders in your web space and load your pages into the correct folders. The images here have been compressed to the point of blur. But they are very large files and I needed to make them as small as possible so that it would not take a week for this page to download. In Lesson 6, we will talk about images and how to compress them for the web so they look nice.

First, open your WS FTP LE program and log on to your web space, wherever it is. The windows you see AFTER you log on will look something like the image below, only not as blurry:

The right side is what is in your computer and the left side is your web space. The right side will NOT have any folders in it yet, unless your web server or you have put some in already.

Now, click on the green arrow near the top of the files shown in your computer's side of the window (the LEFT side) and look at each level until you find the folder your pages are in. I have drawn a red circle around where you need to click. Also, the right side is just a sample of what yours might look like.

In my computer, it looks like the image below, after I locate the folder for this web site (you probably do not have any folders yet on the right, because I haven't told you how to do it, yet.(smile):

Note: the right side of your window will not change when you click on the green arrow on the left. The image below is what is actually in both my computer and my webspace.

Now, scroll down on the LEFT until you see the name of your MAIN page. Highlight it. Make sure the box that says "Auto" is checked. Then click on the arrow in the center that points to the right. This will send the page to your space.

You have just loaded your main page to the web space from your computer. Now, you need to make a folder called "folder1"

Click on the button on the far right RIGHT that says "MkDir". When the new window pops up, write in
in the blank space and click "OK". You're new windows will look like this:

Now, on the LEFT click on folder1 to open it. Highlight page1f.html and send it like you sent the first page. Only now, it is going into folder1.

Create folder2 the same way you made folder1. (Click on the "MkDir" and write folder2 in the box.) If you have loaded page1f.html and created folder2 correctly, your new window will look like something like this this:

Nexr, click on folder2 on the LEFT side to open it. Then, click on folder2 on the RIGHT side to open it. Your new window will look something like this:

Highlight page2f.html as shown above, click on the ---> arrow pointing toward the right, and wait for the happy sound. Your new window looks like this:

Click on the "Exit" button at the lower right, bottom and close the WS FTP LE program. Now go visit your website to see how all the pages connect.

Next week we will have a review. Your homework is to create a three page website --anything you want-- that links into folders on your site,

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